segunda-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2012

V/A - "Galactic Intolerance Records Volume Three: The Sound Of Crust" (2012)

Proper Track Listing:
01.John Magill - An Appreciation Of Physical Humour
02.It's YOUR condo - Your Cunt Tastes Like Milwaukee's Beast
03.Otolouse en Rouge - Luisvillains
04.Anonymous - Pulse Dreamin'
05.9th Dimension - Quiet Riots
06.absence.insolution - I began as More
07.Sleep Of Ages - Heavy Metal
08.Somnaphon - My Duck Powered Face
09.Bonehole - The Cliff
10.THIRD I - EYEscream
11.Meat Glue - 11951
12.MAMBO! - Boost Your Brain Power
13.Galixar - Bubbles
14.Carrion Black Pit - The Premature Burial
15.Deer - Animal Flesh Fun Park (Yells For Gust Mix)
16.Porraloka - A SONG ABOUT CRUSTIES (não é um cover do Hellnation e muito menos uma versão do XbrainiaX)
17.Nicholas Ender - Child
18.Broses Duke - HARSH
19.Lightning Dick & The Fantastic Fucks - Shut Up!
20.Bucko Crooks - Fo'Tahpz (Ink Spot Mix)
22.The Smudge - Alcoholism As A Sport
23.Sno Cones Eating Sno Cones - Vincent Swordbreath of Dragon Symposium
24.Le Jit - Under The Stares
25.Molly Ringworm - Beard Science
26.My cousin Mel - What You WANT To Feel
27.RJ Myato - Another Loss
28.Food World - Jazz World (live)

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