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V/A - "Sticky Dreams 3: Santa's Majic Sack" (2010)


1. Phuket Underwater Peeping Thomas
2. Go Fast Or Go Home Go Fast Or Go Home
3. Buildraw I'm Not Defeated
4.Femau Kumsiba
5.Zidovudine Headache Norman Wisdom Getting Pissed On
6.Womb Of The Tomb In Death I Trust
7.Homicide Remains Going To Be A Corpse
8.Putrified J Misery
9.Negative Inbred Parasites No One Likes You (Fascist Basterd)
10.Zidovudine Headache The Beatles Suck In Their Yellow Piece Of Shit!
11.Scabs, The Shaved My Dick Today (Now I Can See It)
12.Go Fast Or Go Home 100 Metre Sprint
13.Anal Cake Shit Christmas Day
14.Homicide Remains Fist Fucking Art
15.Disembodiment Rage Of Necrophile
16.Sphinkta Spit I'm Gonna Fucking Cum!!!
17.Vaginal Cadaver Sperm Face
18.Putrified J Cannibalism
19.Goremonger I Only Raised Her To Fuck Her
20.Bassookah Mutant Pig Farm Explosion
21.Porraloka As Boas Festas E Toda Aquela Hipocrisia Natalina Passaram... E Bem Longe Daqui
22.Inverted Scrotum Gonorrhea Desire
23.Unnatural Selection Directive 4 - Carve - Taxonamy
24.Muk Bob Sacamano
25.Plague Stricken Cunt Creampie Surprise
26.Goremonger The Widening Of The Cunt
27.Grime Dirge Drowning In Darkness
28.Bloody Demands No Free Will
29.Porraloka Grito De Revolta Das Mulheres Libertárias
30.Vomiting Shit 152
31.Daniella Westbrook
Waking Up With Vanessa Feltz

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